Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Publix Run 1-8-14

Just a quick run into Publix today for a few sale items.  I always aim to save more than I spend and today I did just that.  Out of pocket, I paid 23.17 and I saved 25.41!  Here's my deals:

*Crystal Light drink mix.....regular price 2.99 BOGO...Minus 1.00 off two coupons.  Final price.....1.00 each.

*Green Giant boxed veggies....regular price 1.99 BOGO.. Final price 1.00 each.

*Ronzoni pasta.....regualr pice 1.49 BOGO...Final price .75 cents each.

*Ronzoni 150 pasta.....regular pcie 1.49 BOGO...minus coupon for 1.00 off two....Final pirce....25 cents a box!  This was my deal of the day and since they were out of the one I really wanted, I got a rain check for next week! 

*Special K popcorn chips....regular price 3.79 BOGO....minus 1.00 off 2 price 1.39 each.

Happy Shoping!  

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