Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Yes, I'm a crazy coupon lady!

Today, the definition of a crazy coupon lady is going out in the rain because your son has declared he LOVES fruit roll ups and they are on sale and you have more coupons!  Yep, that was me this morning!  I did need an item from the store to make dinner tonight, but could have went to the corner Food Lion.  BUT, I found more coupons for the fruit roll ups and the sale ends today!  So off to Publix I went.  I did pretty good, spent 26.62 out of pocket and saved 27.61!  WAHOO!  Always a good trip when you save more than you spent!  Here's a few of my deals:

*1 pack (meal worth) pork chops - reg price would have been 4.36

*Weight watchers ice cream bars - reg price BOGO....minus 1.00 off one price 1.65!  This is an item I'd thought about trying but not for 5.29!  Sales/coupons are great for getting items you aren't sure if you'll like for cheap!

*Pillsbury frosting - reg price 1.50...minus 40 cent coupon that price 70 cents.

*Beechnut mini meals - reg price BOGO....minus 1.00 off one price FREE!!! 

And of course, the fruit rollups that I got for 80 cents a box. 

Happy Shopping!

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