Sunday, March 6, 2011

Be a good shopper, not "that" shopper.

We all have seen them, hopefully not BEEN them.  The crazy coupon shopper who is still digging thru her coupons at the register.  Or sending her shopping partner back down the aisles for more items while she's checking out.  Be ready for your cashier!  Not only will this save her a headache, but you as well.  (And the customers behind you!)  A little organization can go a long way.  Here are a few hints and tips to help you never be "that" shopper!

*Plan your trip.  Make your list of sale items before you leave home. 
*Pull your coupons, either as you shop, or before you leave home.  Personally, I like to pull the coupons I know I'm going to use and put them in the front of my coupon wallet.  Then as I shop, I match them up and put them in a pile to give my cashier.
*Have you coupons clipped!  I know that from time to time there are flyers in the store with additional coupons but don't bring the Sunday inserts with you and stand in the check out line clipping the ones you want to use! 
*Don't still be shopping while checking out.  Yep, we've all seen it.  A shopper remembers a deal, or finds an extra coupon and sends whoever's with her back down the aisles.  If you forgot to grab a gallon of milk, and they can be back before your done, okay.  If you have 10 more items for them to go grab, not okay!  You can always go back thru the line. 

To be a good coupon shopper, you don't have to be super organized - I'm not!  But a little organization will help you save more money and not be "that" crazy shopper!

Happy Shopping!

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