Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rewards Clubs

It seems like every store has got them now, those dang rewards clubs.  I for one find them irritating.  If something's on sale, why can't it just be on sale instead of 'with your card'.  I have a separate key ring in my purse that I keep JUST all those dang cards on.  Alot of places now can enter your phone number on the register but I still carry them, just in case. 

But, be sure to sign up for any free rewards clubs you find!  And make sure your information stays up to date.  Not only do you get the sale prices in the stores, but you can get other goodies from time to time as well.  I don't shop alot at Kroger, but I do have a Kroger rewards card.  Yesterday in the mail, I received an envelope full of coupons from Kroger!  Including some for free veggies, free eggs, free salad dressing and free ice cream!  There were about 10 other coupons in there as well.  Pretty nice!


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