Thursday, January 27, 2011

I love freebies!

A while back, Bath and Body Works introduced a 'club' called I luv BBW.  It was free, so I signed up.  As a member, they sent me a card that I can take into my local Bath and Body works store, once a month on a Thursday, and get a free gift!   (Sadly, they've closed the application for it).  Today, I headed over to redeem my January freebie, and was pleasantly shocked at what I got.  A full size hand soap, a pocket bac hand sanitizer, and a pocket bac holder (straps onto things).  Total cost would have been 7.00 total!  WAHOO!!  I love a freebie, especially a GREAT freebie!!
Thank you Bath and Body Works!!! 

Happy Shopping!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Be prepared

To maximize your coupon savings, you gotta be organized.  If you are at the store, but your coupons are at home, that's not going to save you any money!  There are lots of ways to organize your coupons, although I'm not going to go over them all today, I'm just gonna share what works for me.  But what works for you might not work for me and vise versa.  For me, I have a wallet style coupon holder that I have my coupons in, organized by category.  If I have a lot of the same coupon, and sometimes the same style/type, I paperclip them together.  Coupons I know I won't use, go into a plastic shoebox, for sharing later.   I keep my coupons in my purse, as there are times I might need to stop by the store and I hate not having my coupons, especially when I know I have a coupon for something I'm buying.  Even though it might only be 25 cents, that's 25 cents I don't have to spend. 

Some other methods that coupons use are the binder system and the file system.  Since I don't use these, I'll be gathering some more information on them before posting. 

Happy Shopping!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Choosing a coupon friendly cashier

We've all been there, you get to the register and the cashier takes FOREVER to read every single line of each individual coupon.  Read Renita's article HERE about choosing a coupon friendly cashier.

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Getting Started

When I started couponing, I was just looking for ways to cut corners in our budget.  I joined a yahoo couponing group, and that's where I really learned how much coupons could save me! Lucky for me, I found  Renita Perrone, who taught me everything I know about couponing!!  (And became a great friend in the process!) 

Check out her book, Wow!  You Saved How Much? 

Welcome to my Blog!

Since I get alot of emails/comments/etc on how I 'cut corners', mostly in my grocery bill, I decided it was time to start a blog and put it all in one spot.  I'll be posting deals, coupon advice and anything else that pops up!  Thanks for joining me!